This word confuses a lot of people.

Have a look at the examples below:

To draw a picture- dibujar

The cowboy draws his gun- means move that the cowboy was taking or moving his gun to shoot the bad man.

He was the fastest draw in the West- NOT the fastest drawer

Drawer– is not a person; this is something you draw (move) out of a table (el cajón)

to draw a breath- to take air into your lungs

draw (noun)– an informal lottery at a party (una rifa) where someone draws the winning number

Withdraw– is retirar in every sense and when you withdraw too much money from your bank, you’ll have an overdraft (descubierto)

Draft or draught– is the noun from draw

Draught beer- beer that is drawn (taken) from a barrel

Draughtsman– is someone who makes technical drawings for an engineer

Draught– is a corriente de aire because the air is drawn through  the room

Draughts– is the game where you move pieces around on a board (damas)