How to Get There


Here you have some useful expressions when giving directions. Watch the video and read the dialogue.

Mark: Where exactly is it? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. OK. How far is it? OK, OK. Merçi. Au revoir.

Jacques: Any luck?

Mark: I think I’ve found an apartment. How do I get to Belleville?

Jacques: The easiest way is to get the metro at Pyramides. Take Line 14 and change at Châtelet.

Mark: OK.

Jacques: Then take Line 11 towards Mairie des Lilas.

Mark: Where do I get off?

Jacques: At Belleville.

Mark: How many stops is it?

Jacques: Six, I think.

Mark: Oh right, I’ve found it on the map. How long does it take to get there?

Jacques: About half an hour.

Nicole: Have you found a flat?

Mark: Yes, in Belleville this time.

Nicole: When are you going to see it?

Mark: This afternoon.

Nicole: If you can wait till six, I’ll give you a lift. I live near Belleville so I’m driving that way.

Mark: That’s great. Thanks.

Now practise repeating the red phrases. Copy the rhythm.

Adapted from: Oxenden, Clive, and Christina Latham-Koenig. New English File Intermediate. Student’s Book. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.