Requests and Permission


Watch and read the following conversation in which people make requests and give permission.

Jacques: Mark? Would you mind sending me those concert dates?

Mark: Of course not. Ben, are you busy?
Ben: Me? Never.

Mark: Could you help me? I can’t open this document.

Ben: Sure.

Mark: Thanks.


Allie: Hi, Nicole.

Nicole: Could you sign these, please?
Allie: Sure.

Nicole: Is it OK if I take tomorrow afternoon off?

Allie: I’m sorry, but tomorrow’s really difficult.

Nicole: What about Friday afternoon?

Allie: Friday? That’s fine. Do you think you could send me the request by email?

Nicole: Er, yes, of course.

Allie: Hello? Hi, Mark. Could you hold a moment, Mark? Thank you, Nicole. Can you come and see me when you have a moment?

Now practise repeating the red phrases. Copy the rhythm.

Adapted from: Oxenden, Clive, and Christina Latham-Koenig. New English File Intermediate. Student’s Book. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.