In this conversation you can find some useful expressions to give and react to news. Watch the video and then practise saying the words in red.

Ben: Hi.

Nicole /Jacques: Hi. / Hello.

Nicole: Did you have a nice weekend?

Ben: Oh yeah. You’ll never guess who I saw on Saturday.

Nicole: Who?

Ben: Allie…and Mark. In the Louvre…together.

Nicole: Really?

Jacques: You’re joking.

Ben: It was definitely them. And they looked really close. I think they were holding hands.

Jacques: No! I don’t believe it.

Ben: It’s true, I’m telling you! And I think they saw me because they turned and left really quickly.

Jacques: Are you serious?

Nicole: You know, I’m not surprised. I think they’ve been seeing each other ever since Mark arrived. Or maybe even before.

Jacques: That’s incredible. What makes you say that?

Nicole When I went to look at Mark’s new apartment, I’m sure Allie called him on his mobile. And I’ve seen her looking at him…in a certain way…

Ben: Hey, quiet everyone. It’s Mark.

Mark Hi.

Ben Hi.

Jacques / Nicole: Good morning.