In this conversation you can find some expressions to practise ways of apologizing and giving excuses. Watch the video and then practise saying the words in red.

Mark: Mark Ryder.

Allie: Mark, can you come in?

Mark: Sure.

Allie: Thanks for the sales report.

Mark: I think there’s something more important to talk about right now.

Allie: What do you mean?

Mark: That message you sent me. You hit ‘reply to all’. You sent it to everyone in the office.

Allie: Oh no. You’re joking. Oh, Mark. I’m so sorry. I did it without thinking.

Mark: It’s all right, Allie. It’s an easy mistake to make.

Allie: How could I be so stupid? I just wasn’t concentrating.

Mark: Allie…

Allie: I’m really sorry.

Mark: Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter. But I think we should talk to the others.

Allie: Yes, you’re right. I’ll do it. It was my fault. Listen everybody. I just want to say that I’m terribly sorry. I haven’t been honest with you. Erm, we… Mark and I…

Nicole: That’s OK, Allie. We had already guessed. It wasn’t really a surprise.