Noun or Verb?


Many words in English change depending on the grammatical category.

For example: educate is a verb and education is a noun.

Some words, though, don’t change (record, for example). So, how can we distinguish them?

One option is context (I record a song vs. The record sounds great), but another one is pronunciation.

When the word is a noun or an adjective, the stressed syllable goes at the beginning of the word (record)

When the word is a verb, the stressed syllable goes at the end of the word (record).

Other words are: affect, ally, compound, contract, export, extract, increase, protest, subject, transport, etc.

Now practise saying the following sentences:

1. He runs an export business that exports batteries.

2. She perfected her technique when she came up with the perfect solution.

3. John consoled his daughter when the console broke down.

4. Could I project my final project from university on the TV?

5. They were not permitted to enter because they lost their permits.